North Texas Dog Trainers

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North Texas Duck Huunting

Body Language And Training Your Pup

Body language will encompass several movements along with eye contact. A retriever trainer can change the mood and the tempo of training with just one gesture of the body. This can be a positive or a negative for you. Motions of the body can speed up or slow down the pup. A example which is “Common sense” is to take steps backward to keep the momentum up in a slow heel with the bird or heel drill. When the pups leary of the side because of just finishing up FF ease back a few steps and give a “Good Dog” and some claps and lean down. If you have not really blown the bond the pup will come trottin to you with bird to heel. You have just used all of the above mentioned to achieve this proper retrieve without force and if any commands to get pup to you. Just remember if the pup is doing everything the right way, keep you command mouth shut. You can cement the commands in their head with lots of praise and less barking of commands when pup is already doing what you want. Keep those commands in your pocket when you really need to use them and they stay more meaningful to the pup. We will now go into moving your pup with your body. If you have laid the foundation of proper body language this is very easy. At the stage of transition ( Bringing bird back to proper heel position) you should be able to push and pull a dog anywhere you want. If you step forward with your left leg only (Right leg never moves or leaves ground) the dog should move with it as far forward or backward as you want. Your whole body should be able to do the same thing. Just a rotation of the upper body should be able to move the dog also to square them up. This will all transfer out into the field if it was learned up close. This is how you can move a dog with slight arm gestures and body 300 yds away to pinpoint a bird with just a few steps forward, backwards,left, right diagonal or anywhere on the field as they move toward you without siting them on the whistle and re sending on a cast.


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